Click on the following link to download the Mission Trip Application.

Mission Trip Application

Where are we staying? Camp Lela

How far is it? About 630 miles from the Church following the northern route.  See map link below:
We recommend the northern route but either route will get you there.  NOTE: the northern route has 2 toll roads ($1.25 and $4.75) going and returning.

What is the weather like?  Similar to Clarksville, mild daytime temps and cool evenings?

What should I wear?  Comfortable clothes and if are outside maybe layers

What should I bring?  We will provide a complete list of everything you need closer to the time, but plan on bringing clothes that you do not mind getting dirty, paint on them, etc.

Where will I be sleeping?  Camp Lela has 5 bunk houses and bunk beds in them.  There are mattresses on the bed. Around the room are electrical outlets.  Not a lot so if you need a plug for your cpap machine, etc., might want to pack an extension cord and multi outlet.

Where is the campground? It is located about 10-15 minutes west of Pawnee.  Not a lot of traffic, unless get stuck behind a semi or tractor. It is a straight route with a turn on either to end to start and end the drive.

Where is the church? slightly outside of the town square.  

Pawnee Indian Baptist Church, 253 Morris Rd, Pawnee, OK 74058

What is there to do in Pawnee?

For those of you so inclined:  Pioneer Woman Restaurant is about an hour away

What does my fee cover? Lodging and meals for the week. plus all the project costs.

Who should I check in with when I arrive?  There will be signs pointing to the check in location and someone will there be there check you in and provide rooming assignments.

When is the first meal being served? The first meal is Sunday, October 13 Breakfast.  So make sure you have eaten before you arrive or plan on heading back out to Pawnee to eat dinner. Click here to see the proposed dining menu for our trip.

When is the last meal being served?  The last meal will be Friday night, October 18.

What is the history of the Pawnee people?

What should I be expected to cover not in fee? If you want to go anywhere in town, eat meals away from camp, snacks, souvenirs etc.

What ages can go? We have planned this trip with people of ages in mind.  From the littlest one to the oldest. If you want to go, there will be work you can participate in.

What will I be doing?  There will painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, cleaning, decorating, sorting, cooking, being a comfort to others, visiting with neighbors.  We have something for everyone. Click here to see tentative work schedule.